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Stand FS173

If your business involves carrying out on-site surveys and inspections and follow-up actions such as generating sales quotations, then Draggon is the great way to save time, improve accuracy and get ahead of your competition.

With Draggon, you can ditch your old manual methods of marking up floor plans and then laboriously converting that information into quotations and operational documentation. Draggon allows you to mark-up floor plans with products, services, photographs and annotations on a smart phone or tablet (iOS, Android and Windows platforms) by ‘dragging on’ interactive icons. There is no limit to the number of products or floorplans you can use and you can copy entire floor plans, complete with all product information.

Draggon will work with no internet connection, so you can work in any kind of environment safe in the knowledge that the minute you’re connected to the internet, you can synchronise all of your work up to your Draggon account in the cloud. Draggon then automatically converts your information into usable, professional looking documents such as reports, quotations, estimates, covering letters and, of course, marked-up floor plans. Contact us for a free trial and demonstrations.

For more information please visit: www.draggon.co